Imagineering Revisited

So while going through the Imagineering video I definitely came up with some great solutions for making it much more engaging for the audience and making sure it has that extra touch to it. This site will go over a few different ideas I have

We will start the video off with a strong 3D motion graphics intro with the companies logo. This should excite and capture anyone with a pulse.

The version of the video we delivered before wasn't color corrected. This time around we will make sure to take extra precaution & care to balance the colors in each scene in order to make the colors pop.

In the color corrected example below you'll notice I added a lower thirds graphic. I will provide each speaker with their own lower thirds so that the audience knows who's speaking.

Another issue is that the video plays for too long. If we interupt the video every 1-2 minutes with an animation of the chemical/manufacturing process and a different soundtrack + voice over (possible?) the chances of the viewer being engaged are much higher.

Below are some examples of the ideas I've laid out.

Check out the intro to this video. I like how the camera moves from one room to another in the beginning. This would be great for one of Khurrims shots. SORRY FOR THE HALF NAKED MEN!

Implementing some timelapse of the work that goes on inside the office or in the packing section could showcase how quick your company moves and how busy you are.

These are some examples of how the intro 3D graphic would look. Substitute it with your logo of course.

Below you'll notice the different a little color corrrection and lower thirds graphics will make. I also think dressing with more flat dark colors that match the company & bringing a makeup artist on set would do wonders.

Most of the video consist of boring office shots like the one you see below. I think one way we could make this better is by working on the transitions from one scene to another. Also adding some sound effects of computers typing, the low hums of a fan, or beeps from errors should bring these scenes to life.